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  Midas Mentoring Program



By participating with one of the teams Midas Athletics Inc. organizes, an individual becomes part of the mentoring program.  This provides support thru high school graduation.  Support can be in the form of recruitment, filling out admissions paperwork, tutoring, guidance, etc.  Following is an example of how "Midas Track Club" uses the program.

The Midas Track Club was run by Midas Athletic Xperience, Inc (MAX Inc.) in the 2010 track season.  MAX Inc. is a company that does athletic technique training in the form of sports camps, personal training and athletic competitions.


A summer internship program was set up with the athletes of the track club that, in exchange for volunteering at the camps and events, would offset the cost of uniforms, entry fees, food and transportation to be paid for during the USATF summer track season. The internship is non-paid.  It consists of four-hours of work, five days a week (60 hours total).  Interns are responsible for their own transportation and for being on time.  Time sheets are kept and signed by the supervisor at the end of each week.

The nature of the internship experience varies for each student in accordance with their own athletic background, career plans, and other considerations. It involves work under a coach/trainer/college athlete/professional who is in a position to provide useful learning experiences, and who is sympathetic and supportive of the objectives of the internship. The internship provides a variety of learning experiences, including the opportunity to gain first hand experience and knowledge of the roles of coach, administrator, trainer, athlete, and counselor.

A description of the learning contract is as follows:

  • Demonstrating various drills
  • Assist in coaching techniques
  • Set up/break down of athletic areas
  • Record keeping of athletic events
  • Organization/ updating of records
  • Active participation in athletic events
  • Supervision of children under the age of 18.

Specific Goals to be met:

  • Learning of the various types of athletes and the mental capacity needed to coach them.
  • Properly organize, set up, and run a training area.
  • Monitor material on a specific group on a daily basis.
  • Observe and correct/improve an athlete’s weaknesses /strengths.
  • Conduct one segment of training (topic to be discussed later)

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • To practice interpersonal skills
  • To develop record keeping skills
  • To enhance individual athletic skills
  • To enhance speaking and visual presentation skills

Work products to be completed and turned in:

  • Write a two page reflection summing up your internship experience.
  • A time sheet documenting your hours worked, signed by your supervisor.
  • An evaluation by your internship supervisor of your work/performance


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