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When it comes to our sports programs, we offer the best in a wide variety of formats to all age levels. We encourage you to take your time looking at each individual program we offer to discover which one will meet your needs best.

Midas Track Club

Midas Track Club was started in 2009 to teach children and young adults how track and field is not just a sport, but a tool that will help built confidence, physical fitness, and leadership skills that will continue to develop and improve the rest of their lives.
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Next Level Training

This is ONLY for the serious athletes.  Do want to improve your overall strength, flexibility, and endurance?  Ever have "nagging" pains or injuries?  Wonder if you are working at your Maximum Potential?  This is the training program you need.  We focus on the areas other trainers miss.
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Midas Mentoring Program

By participating with one of the teams Midas Athletics Inc. organizes, an individual becomes part of the mentoring program.  This provides support thru high school graduation.  Support can be in the form of recruitment, filling out admissions paperwork, tutoring, guidance, etc.  Following is an example of how "Midas Track Club" uses the program.
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Sports Xperience

Our organization produces top of the line personal lessons and group clinics/camps. We provide athletic technique training in most sports and encourage overall sport fitness. The goal of our company is to get fitness back into the lives of the youth.  Our programs can be tailored to any individual or team need.
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