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"Midas Athletics, Inc. was started to provide the training, participation knowledge, educational support and facilities to athletes who have the desire, but lack the financial means, to succeed in organized sports."

We at Midas Athletics, Inc. strongly believe that athletic competition and training shapes and even molds an athlete's character; therefore, our philosophy reaches beyond athletics. Within all of our programming, we also emphasize the importance of academics, self-discipline, respect, responsibility, fairness, and good sportsmanship, while encouraging positive thinking, goal-setting, and self-motivation.


Midas Athletics, Inc. excel not only in their athleticism, but also in their leadership ability, integrity, and character! We believe all of these qualities are necessary for success both on the fiels as well as off, and we proudly stand by the highest ethical standards in every part of our organization.

Our focus is simply making sure we push our athletes to reach her or his or highest athletic potential by developing, improving, and excelling in the abilities such as strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, and especially coordination. We at Midas Atheletics, Inc. want to ensure our athletes are executing the specific training details of posture and physical movement.
We also instill using self-discipline and self-motivation to set and meet personal goals while building upon personal strengths, improving weaknesses and eveloping leadership skills by setting high expectations for themselves and others around them.


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