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Promotion of Sports and Fitness

"Many professional organizations are creating programs that help get our youth off the couch.  By working with these organizations, we hope to create an all-inclusive program.  Kids have unlimited potential.  Many have become good at a sport only after discovering it by accident.  What if we had a program that included several different sports at once?  Every year we do an "all-sports" camp for one week.  It involves football, baseball, basketball,track & field, soccer, and even martial arts.  Each sport is either a whole or partial day.  At the end of the week, we have a "superstars" competition.  We create an obstacle course that involves aspects of all the sports we covered.  The ones with the fastest times win.  It has truly become one of the favorite parts of the camp.  Now to take that model, include professional athletes from various sports, and use a first-class facility, and you have a program we hope to use all over the country."

Tracks & Facilities

There are countless benefits to having access to a good facility.  Some places have facilities but the maintenance is not what it should be.  We hope to build and renovate running tracks all across the country.  Working with schools on their programing, local governments, and companies such as Nike, Midas Athletics, Inc. would like to everyone the opportunity to discover not only the world of Track & Field, but the enjoyment of obtaining personal fitness.


We believe that everyone who has measurable success in high school sports should be able to continue their sport at the next level with little to no cost.  Most people are unaware of the time and marketing involved in the recruitment process.  if done correctly, there is no reason why an athlete can not find a program that wants to help pay for their education.  We are committed to helping all the athletes that go thru our program, and have been able to achieve 100% success.


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