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  Satisfaction Survey
What type of program does Coach Lucas/Maurice help you with?
Describe Coach Lucas/Maurice: Polite
Understanding (working w/ injuries, illness, etc.)
None of the above
Are the exercises / drills explained thoroughly? Yes
Is enough time spent on working the areas you feel you need to improve? Explain:
Is there a good mix of strengthening and preventive exercises? Explain.
Does the Coach explain ways and give suggestions on how to do the exercises when not training together? Yes
Do you feel the workouts are beneficial? Explain.
Have you seen a difference in your performance? Yes
Do you think the workouts will payoff? Yes
What is something you like the most about working with Coach / Maurice?
What (if any) is something you dislike about working with Coach / Maurice?
What is something you would like to see more of and/or do more in the workouts?
Would you recommend training with Coach Maurice? If yes - what would you say?
Lastly, what are three words you would use to describe your training experience?
Any additional comments?
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