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  STEP #2 - Athlete Event Registration Online

Welcome to STEP #2. Athlete event registration for Midas Athletics can be completed on-line via this page. Please by sure to review the steps below and follow them in the specific order to ensure the accurancy of registering your athlete. Please note that the following fees listed MUST be paid via PayPal and/or Check. The total registration fee this year is $20.00.

Please fill out the below form to complete the registration process. Note: Your registration application will be rejected and your athlete will NOT be registered if PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED PRIOR TO YOUR ATHLETE PARTICIPATING.


Athlete's First & Last Name:
Athlete's Legal Guarding Full Name:
Complete Street Address, City, State & Zip Code:
Athlete's Age:
Email Address:
Phone w/ area code:
During an emergency, I agree to accept all determinations of need for medical assistance and/or administration of medial attention deemed necessary by Midas Athletics Inc. representatives. I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by Midas Athletics Inc. representatives to secure all medical, hospitalization, dental and/or surgical treatment. In the event that such medical attention is needed from a healthcare provider, all costs shall be the responsibility of the participant. I agree
I do not agree
I understand that if equipment is supplied for use by Midas Athletics Inc. it is the property of Midas Athletics Inc., and must be returned to Midas Athletics Inc. upon the termination of the participant’s involvement in the program. I agree
I do not agree
I hereby give Midas Athletics Inc. and participating agencies permission to use film, videotape and/or photographs of the above mentioned for lawful promotional or informational purpose. I agree
I do not agree
I, (or the parent/legal guardian of the above named), give approval for participation in Midas Athletics Inc. sponsored activities. I assume all risks of injury whatsoever and agree to hold harmless Midas Athletics Inc. from claim(s) of any nature arising from any activity or program. I agree
I do not agree
This hold harmless agreement includes, but is not limited to, any claim due to injury proximately resulting from negligence of Midas Athletics Inc., its employees, agents, NBA, NFL, USATF, MLB and PGA Professionals, participating agencies and volunteers. I consent to Midas Athletics Inc. communicating information regarding my participation via the Internet. I agree
I do not agree


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