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Here at Midas Athletics, we pride ourselves on being affiliated with several positive organizations both locally and nationally.

Midas Athletic Xperience
, (MAX Inc.) produces results orientated personal and group training sessions. We provide athletic technique training in Track, Basketball, Football, Baseball and overall sport fitness. But, we are not just into these sports.
The goal of our sister company is to get fitness back into the lives of the youth. Our programs can be tailored to any sport or team need.

Stanback Athletic Consultants
knows that team sports can boost kids' self esteem, coordination, and general fitness, and help them learn how to work with other kids and adults. But some kids aren't natural athletes and they may tell you, directly or indirectly, that they just don't like sports. Keep your expectations realistic — most kids don't become Olympic medalists or get sports scholarships. Let your child know the goal is to be fit and have fun. If the coach or league doesn't agree, it's probably time to look for something new.

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