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We at Midas Athletics believe that a great coach will need to possess a number of special qualities. The most often called upon of these qualities is grace under pressure.

A youth team coach will need to navigate his way through the high points of winning games, matches, tournaments and championships as well as dealing with athletes’ temper tantrums, anger and un-sportsman like conduct.  We Midas Athletics understand communication skills are going to be the single most important skill set we will be using during our tenure as a coach. Dealing with different personalities of parents can often be difficult and requires a person who can face confrontation with a calm authority and positive direction.

We believe in being proactive by meeting with parents and the athletes as much as possible to discuss their expectations as well as what we see and expect from the coaching aspect.  This allows us to avoid confusion and conflict as much as possible and establishes a team foundation and approach to making your student athlete the best.

Our coaches and management staff knows the recommended praise to criticism ratio.   For a lot of sports, this is something like 2 compliments and then 1 acknowledgment of an error.  This would be followed by an affirmation that you believe the mistake can be corrected or what you intend to work on to fix the problem.  All of this is done with a positive, but firm tone of voice.

We at Midas Athletics pride ourselves on our strong strength of character to stand by our decisions.  While we are open to ideas and suggestions from parents and players at the appropriate time, we still encourage the parent and the student athlete to make the best decision possible regarding their specific sport.

If you ever have any questions regarding Midas Athletics, please feel free to contact us directly.  We encourage you to look at each or our biographies to see our credentials.

We look forward to coaching your student athlete.


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